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With over 12yrs of establishment we have ventured into making Homeopathy and Homeopathic cures globally. Treatment is provided for all kinds of Chronic Physical & Mental illnesses and we believe in providing that balance essential for maintaining health.
You can consult us from anywhere in the world. You need to follow bellow mentioned steps to consultation and treatment with our team of doctors.

Step 1
Online Register for treatment:
We are using very uniquely designed Multilingual Online Patient Management System for treating patients online. You can register online just by filling few personal details.
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Please note you do not have to pay any fees for registration,access to information, case submission and case evaluation. Also you can view Patient Instruction and Diet and Nutrition for hundreds of disease conditions without paying any fees.
Step 2
Submit your Case Details:
After successful registration, you can submit your case details using simple but exhaustive Multilingual Case Record in international languages. Investigation reports and photographs of patient can be uploaded for reference if required.
Step 3
Panel of experienced homeopaths will review your case
Once we receive your case details, a panel of experienced homeopaths will study and analyze your case and get back to you with probable time of cure/relief and other details.
Step 4
Choose Treatment Plan
You can choose any Treatment Plan depending on duration of treatment.
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Step 5
Make Payment
Now we will request you to make payment so that we can start. If the patient wants to talk with us, he /she can do so either by fixing a prior appointment or through net meeting, or telephonic conversation but after we receive your payment.
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Step 6
Receive medicine at your doorstep
Once your payment is honored we will send medicine to your address. The medicine will be delivered to you anywhere in the world as per the rules and regulation of the country of your residence .The patient can acknowledge when they receive the medicines by sending an e-mail. Additional charges for the courier/shipping services will be levied. The courier charges may change with the weight of the medicines and the country where the medicine has to be received.
Step 7
Feedback & Support
Using our Online Patient Management System, you can update your report with us time to time for future medicines, depending on progress you make. As our system works 24x7 so you can send your feedback anytime and depending on need we will reply you with the instructions very soon.

Treatment Plans

For Patients In US Consultation fees And Medicines
Plan 1 (1 months) USD 100 (Free 5 online consultations)
Plan 2 (3 months) USD 150 (Free 20 online consultations)
Plan 3 (6 months) USD 200 (Free 40 online consultations)

For Patients In European union Consultation fees And Medicines
Plan 1 (1 months) EUR 100
Plan 2 (3 months) EUR 150
Plan 3 (6 months) EUR 210

For Patients In India Consultation fees And Medicines
Plan 1 (1 months) Rs. 1500
Plan 2 (4 months) Rs. 2500
Plan 3 (8 months) Rs. 3500

For Patients In Asia Consultation fees And Medicines
Plan 1 (1 months) USD 75
Plan 2 (3 months) USD 130
Plan 3 (6 months) USD 175

For Patients In U.A.E. Consultation fees And Medicines
Plan 1 (1 months) AED 370
Plan 2 (3 months) AED 600
Plan 3 (6 months) AED 800


"As the authorised training centre for Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, Maharashtra, we conduct workshops for psychological assessment tools."
"Mental Health Professionals, Counselling, Clinical, Industrial Psychologists & Human Development Professionals are Certified for the same."


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