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At Edupsyche we share our experience and expertise to provide a step by step guide to achieving not just success in parenting but rearing brighter children.
Our experience in training and teaching has made us realise that parents are humans and it's humane to make mistakes, but to grow by learning from these mistakes is an art.
Through our workshops wish to inculcate skills among parents, that would enable effective parenting and bring up children who out shine others and are super achievers.

Our workshops helps you become master the art of being a parent and the science of successful parenting

These are preparatory years laying the soil to Childs development. A new chapter in the life of parents, producing discomfort and stress in relationships among many couples. There are many queries and enthusiasm to child rearing and nurturing.

  • Addressing developmental needs of children (Vocabulary Building & Physical Development).
  • Myths and facts about child's nutrition.
  • Scientific approach to common health problems and their effective home aids.
  • Fostering for formative years

The stage of early development; stage of inculcation of values, discipline, inspiring and mentoring. This is the stage when parents can pour their repertoire of knowledge and experience to children. Parents need to train children for their food habits, study habits and organizational skills. Parents typically here, since the child enters full time school, emphasises only on study skills overlooking their adaptive and emotional skills. Parents start using their yardstick parameter to measure child in various aspects, bringing up conflicts among parents who carry different set of values because of their brought ups.

  • Enhancing Parenting Skills.
  • Effective communication and sharing .
  • Inculcating emotional & adaptive skills in children ( Discipline / Values etc.) .

The foundation set during these years are those which last for life, child entering teenage, thus challenging and defying various set of values & rules. It's like a rebel is more often born. Very few realise the biological changes the child goes through. If they do understand it challenges their patience. The child who now becomes vocal produces a turbulent home environment.

  • Maximising Paradigm shift for smooth sailing through teenage.
  • Improving Social skills.
  • Inculcating need for informed choices .
  • Addressing sex education for your child .
  • Motivation for goal setting & making successful career choices.

Having children with special needs means giving more and expecting less. Parents of children with special needs often go through lots of stress, social trauma and anxiety about their and child's future. Our workshops equip parents with host of strategies for aiding their children, a huge armamentarium for parenting skills and lastly all the resources which the parents could use for helping the child.

  • Decatastrophising the disability .
  • Busting the stress .
  • Empowering your child .
  • Strategies for effective parenting .
  • Resources for the child. .
                  Price:      ₹ 2999/-

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