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Homoeopathy for Psychological/Psychiatric Disorders

Homoeopathic Treatment has profound efficacy on the healing of the Mind. Homoeopathy lays a lot of emphasis on understanding the individual as a whole taking into consideration his/her thoughts, feelings, social status, moral values and mode of living for making a constitutional prescription.
Homoeopathy has also a very structured approach towards treating conditions of the mind. Dr Hahnemann the father of Homoeopathy has laid guidelines for the same in Organon of Medicines. The same acts as guidelines to understanding cases and treating them.
At Edupsyche we have super-specialised into exclusive treatment of Psychological / Psychiatric disorders.
We have been treating children, adolescents and adults who come to us with varied problems either pertinent to their emotions, behaviour at times their cognition and understanding.
Dr Dhaval Mody a Post Graduate in Psychiatry in Homoeopathy has over the years developed a very humane and holistic approach towards treating psychological / psychiatric conditions. With over two decades of clinical and teaching experience, he has been consistently evolving effective strategies towards defining the treatable and trainable component in every case. He has been offering online consultation commonly for the following conditions;


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders Oppositional Defiant Disorders Autism Spectrum Disorders
EnuresisPhobias Pica


Depression Bipolar Disorders Emotional Disorders
Impulse Control Disorders Behavioural Disorders Mobile / Internet Addiction


Generalised Anxiety Disorders Depression Schizophrenia
Personality Disorders Sexual Disorders Stress Related Disorders


"As the authorised training centre for Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, Maharashtra, we conduct workshops for psychological assessment tools."
"Mental Health Professionals, Counselling, Clinical, Industrial Psychologists & Human Development Professionals are Certified for the same."


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