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Mentagram is not just a step forward but a dream project for Edupsyche. It's a culmination of our experiences for a better Mental Health delivery system nationally. With 75 million people in our country requiring Mental Health services, only 10% of them actually get access to it while the rest i.e. 67.5 million do not have access for the same. To bridge this gap, we developed Mentagram.

Mentagram is a mobile application, created with the objective of empowering individuals to take control of their mental wellbeing and thus learning to be proactive rather than reactive to their Mental Health.

Unique Features:

Mentagram is an end to end solution providing Mental Health

  • Information
  • Experts
  • Consultation
  • Assessments
  • Prescriptions
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"As the authorised training centre for Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, Maharashtra, we conduct workshops for psychological assessment tools."
"Mental Health Professionals, Counselling, Clinical, Industrial Psychologists & Human Development Professionals are Certified for the same."


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