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It provides step by step solutions to conducting structured interviews, informal assessments, creating IEPs, feeding weekly progress reports of IEPs and revising it at the end of a quarter.
EduSEN has been developed by over 30 specialists from various specialties managing children with special needs like Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, Clinical Psychologists, Counselors, Special Educators, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists.
The biggest challenge was to design a system product that would at least mark the beginning to creating a standardized, integrated system.
It has broadly been divided into the two sections:
  • Diagnostic
  • Therapeutic
The diagnostic module consists of various sections consisting of preliminary information, reason for referral, medical history birth history, developmental history, school history, family history and psychiatric history. It also allows entering findings from psychological and educational assessments.
The therapeutic module consists of the following sections and subsections:

For children identified at risk for learning disability, or having learning disability, AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Borderline Intellect and all children having difficulties keeping at the pace of education in class for varied reasons like language barrier and requiring remedial education, a structured program can be designed, executed and monitored through this online program.

Occupational Therapy
The occupational therapy section describes goals to be achieved by children age 3 to 12 years. The goals define achievements in the areas of gross/fine motor development, hyperactivity with sensory responsiveness, it also defines areas like activities of daily living and speech.

Speech Therapy
This section defines speech development based on common skills like prelinguistic, linguistic paralanguage etc. A therapist based on the areas of underachievement can set goals, to be worked with the child in the upcoming sessions.

While behavioural issues are very common for children, this section provides with a structured methodology based on the cognitive model developed by Aaron Beck. It allows for therapist to define the difficulties, conceptualise them and design specific cognitive techniques for the same. It allows the counselor to structure follow ups and define outcomes of therapy.

Academic and behavioural difficulties are common in children having chronic medical, neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions. An understanding of the same and the prescribed therapy is of relevance for therapists managing children with special needs.


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