School Counsellors require skills and expertise that would enable them to support children with Academic, Behaviour, Career and Developmental issues. They have to play multiple roles be it identifying and managing children with varied needs, addressing parental issues and equipping teachers. Last but not the least, addressing the school administration's objectives. The school counsellor thus needs to be well equipped with his armamentarium of skills to effectively meet the above requirements. Our Certificate course in School Counselling enables them to be that bridge between School Administration, Parents and Teachers thus bringing about student success as a result of School Counselling Program.
  • Introduction to School Counselling.
  • Identifying academic and behavioural issues in children (Dyslexia Screening Test-J, CPM/CVS, Beck Youth Inventory)-Pearson Certification.
  • Counselling for behavioural issues.
  • Understanding Psycho educational assessments.
  • School Resource Room Management.
  • Basics of Remediation.
  • Life skills program in schools.
  • Teacher and Parent training and sensitization modules.
  • Innovations and Technology for School Counsellors.
  • Includes practical hands on training in managing children with special needs.
  • Career Counselling and Guidance.
  • Career Testing (Career Decision Making Tool)- Pearson Certification.
  • Computerised Cognitive Training (Cogmed) - Pearson Certification.

Cognitive Therapy in school setup

Having done Module 1 and 2 Counsellors have now gained expertise in identifying and addressing common behavioural issues. It now requires them to sharpen their skills of Counselling using specific Cognitive approach in school setup which is different than using it in a clinical setup.

The course would enable the counsellors to define client cognitive framework, factors suitable for cognitive therapy, setting goals for sessions and giving homework.

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