Brain Zen
Brain Zen is a unique program that combines Computerised Cognitive Exercises and a set of Brain Gym exercises that a child goes through for improving his skills and development to achieve academic excellence.
The Computerised Program is an internationally acclaimed program for helping children improve attention and memory. For more details of the program click here
Brain Gym believes that moving with intention leads to optimal learning. It helps draw out and honor innate intelligence, to encourage creativity and self expression and empower each participant to better take charge of his own learning
Used together these set of physical and computerised exercises promote play and the joy of learning.

About the Program

It's a 5 week structured program targeted to improving child's skills to focus, concentrate and improve basic domains of Memory and Concentration.

During this 5 weeks the child will go through 5 sessions at the centre for training and evaluation of progress of the program.

How this Program Works?

Step 1: Parents to attend an introductory session at Bandra / Sion Centre on Nov 16th2015 and January 3rd 2016.

Step 2: Individual session will be provided on next visit as per scheduled appointment. The Session includes;

  • Individual interview to study strengths and weaknesses of the child.
  • To ascertain the applicability to the program for the child.
  • Parent Instruction guide for the program
  • Defining goals for the program
  • Release of user id for the online Program (Cogmed)
  • Training child for the Brain Gym Physical Exercises

Step 3:

  • Weekly follow up as scheduled for 5 subsequent weeks.
  • To assess weekly outcome for the Computerised Program
  • To teach new set of Brain Gym Exercises

Step 4:

  • On successful completion of the program Certificate Awarded to the Child
  • Also an extension of 20weeks for the computerised program released for the child
  • Upto 3sessions free counselling to be provided to child with parent during this period.

For which ages is the Program helpful?
Based on the age we have separate program for the following ages:
  • 4-7yrs
  • 8-12yrs
  • 13-17yrs
Who will benefit from the program?

All children in the above ages can show improvement in areas of Memory / Concentration and Attention.

Does it Help Children with Problems?

Below are few difficulties that this program addresses;

  • Improve my ability to focus long enough to grasp and follow when my teacher is giving me an instruction
  • Improve my ability to wait for my turn
  • Be able to sustain attention for longer periods of time while reading
  • Remember what to bring to school (books, notes from/to my parents etc.)
  • Remember multi-step school assignments without having to be reminded of what to do next
  • Be able to do my homework more independently
  • Be able to persist in doing my homework
  • Improve my ability to stay still for longer periods of time
  • Be able to listen more attentively when my parents are talking to me
  • Improve my ability to do maths
  • Improve my reading comprehension ability
  • Improve my ability to focus on the task at hand
  • Not put things off as much as I do now
  • Not loose my temper as much as I do now
What is the Cost?
Batch 1 : 16th Nov
Before 7th Nov 9990
After 7th Nov 11999
Batch 2 : 4th Jan
Before 20th Dec 9990
After 20th Dec 11999
Profile of Consultants

Dr. Dhaval Mody is a multifaceted personality having worked in various domains and an expert in fields of Mental Health, Education & IT.
He holds Post graduation in Psychiatry, Faculty of Homoeopathy, with clinical experience of over two decades. He has been trained at NIMHANS & US for various psychotherapies and psychological assessments. Is a trainer for various Pearson Clinical Assessments, faculty for Transactional Analysis, CBT & REBT at various colleges in Mumbai and has worked exclusively in field of Psychiatry and Psychology for over a decade. Having delivered over 500 lectures, presented papers at various national and international seminars and conferences.
A visionary who believes in the need to create awareness for mental health and brining innovation by creating effective products and services for the same.

Minaz Ajani is a Counsellor, Remedial Teacher, Braingym Teacher and Audiblox tutor. She is also an N.L.C. Learning specialist, Life Skills and F.I.E. Teacher with 10 years of overall experience. She is a guest lecturer at S.N.D.T Women's University. She conducts educational assessments as well as workshops for training teachers, parents and students. She has developed the social skill curriculum for Kangaroo Kids Education for grades 1-12.

Aysel S. Engineer is a Clinical Psychologist and Remedial Educator with 15 years of experience in remediation of children across various difficulties, and has been part of an inclusive set up for nine years. She is an English Language expert with a vast experience of using Sound in Syllables methodology in her teaching. Her expertise also extends to working with children from the Autism Spectrum Disorder on an individual basis; and she is able to communicate with hearing impaired individuals using the Indian Sign Language.


"As the authorised training centre for Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, Maharashtra, we conduct workshops for psychological assessment tools."
"Mental Health Professionals, Counselling, Clinical, Industrial Psychologists & Human Development Professionals are Certified for the same."


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