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Edupsyche is a multi disciplinary institute providing a unique combination of Education, Mental Health Care and IT.
We facilitate Promotive, Preventive, Interventional and Rehabilitative care for individuals in all walks of life.
Our strengths include our expertise, experience and vision backed up with a strong and dedicated core team whose virtues enable fulfilling the vision of Educating, Evolving and Empowering Individuals.
To increase our outreach, increase scalability and to ensure support and services to all in need, we have envisaged creating IT enabled solutions. These would create effective delivery system for our products and services and would benefit individuals and organizations globally.

Edupsyche is conceived primarily for making Mental Health accessible and affordable to all. Our solutions create platforms of service deliverables breaking barriers of conventional approach to Mental Health.
These IT enabled solutions are Promotive and Preventive in nature, changing individual's Attitude, Aptitude and Attributes. Thus creating happier individuals, family and organisations making them more functional and empowered.

Mentagram Experts

Guide, Support and Strategise development and Growth.

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Various experts for evolving standards and deliverables.

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Board Members

Conceptulise and Execute products and services.

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IT Team

Backbone to successful implementation of objectives.

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"As the authorised training centre for Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, Maharashtra, we conduct workshops for psychological assessment tools."
"Mental Health Professionals, Counselling, Clinical, Industrial Psychologists & Human Development Professionals are Certified for the same."


Edupsyche Educational Services Pvt. Ltd
7/9,Chandra Niwas Colony Road,
Next to Axis Bank, Sion,

Phone: +91 8080007056
Email: support@edupsyche.in

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