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School Inclusive Education Cell (IEC)

Our country is going through what we could rightly call the Education Revolution. Laws are being put in place to ensure equal rights to opportunity for education to all (RTE Act). This Law mandates every child should have the right to inclusive education and equal opportunities should be available to all.
National statistics reveal that 10%-14% children fall in the category of special needs. The RTE mandate provides a huge opportunity for bridging the gap between demand and supply. Being pioneers and visionaries in this field of working with children with special needs we take it as our responsibility to ensure that our products and services are aligned to meet the above requirements.
With over two decades of experience in managing children with Academic, Behaviour, Career and Developmental issues. We have come up with a creative solution of having IEC which looks into requirements of all children with special needs.
Our Services help schools create a structured program for:
  • Screening: We provide a Structured approach to conducting screening. This tool provides informal assessment for academic and behavioural disorders. It also screens for Autism.
  • Assessment: It allows to create a repertoire for various psychological and educational reports. Thus allowing to create and program and oversee it success over period of time.
  • Therapy (Remediation, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy & Counseling) Sets goals and creates Individual plans for Early intervention, remediation, OT, Speech and Counseling. Monitoring: Provides facility for interaction between parents, school and resource room, thus all stakeholders are involved towards working for child's welfare.


"As the authorised training centre for Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, Maharashtra, we conduct workshops for psychological assessment tools."
"Mental Health Professionals, Counselling, Clinical, Industrial Psychologists & Human Development Professionals are Certified for the same."


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